Nice....the nicest spot of my Universe....My own outlook upon Nice reflects my photographic immersion all along my wanderings about the city itself..

 Unceasingly looking for the most precise details that allow me to create a complete story in one clic !
Geometrical perspectives underline my vision and suggest a certain approach of my creative pictures.
I tend to capture the shapes my lens tries to win over...picking up some colors in their ultimate contrasts,glorifying the blackness and whiteness of city views in their minimal size.

The attraction Nice fulfils on my Reflex camera leads me to geometrical obsessions and reveals itself as a compelled path for my objective creation.
All throughout this addiction Nice calls me with its night magic that allows me to discover that other obsession :
the power of light....and the details that can melt away the sublimity of things...
My favourite fondness is also turned towards the sea...immense and boundless area,always so different in its suggestions,surrealist aspects,thousands of visions,variations of reflects,colors,contrasts,lights...some kind of calling up for natural beauty....

A thing of Beauty.....a joy for ever....!!




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